The structure at Sober Lotus is designed to provide multiple layers of accountability for the client, volunteers and staff.

 Board of Directors – The Board of Directors is comprised primarily of individuals in the Springfield / Xenia Area Recovery Community.  The Board of Directors sets forth policy and procedures and authorizes the Program Director to oversee that these policies and procedures are implemented in the Sober Lotus houses.

Program Director – The Program Director is responsible for the implementation of program policies, procedures and guidelines at all levels of the program.  The Program Director reports to the Board of Directors

Overseer A House Overseer is responsible for overseeing up to 3 Sober Lotus houses under the guidance of the Program Director. The Overseer is responsible for supporting the House Managers, Mentors and Clients of their respective houses and making sure proper protocols are being followed.

House Manager – A House Manager is responsible for ensuring that all policies, procedures and guidelines are being followed within the house they manage.  The House Manager is supported directly by their respective Overseer.

Mentor – A mentor is responsible for mentoring Sober Lotus program participants according to the guidelines set forth by Sober Lotus. Mentors work in conjunction with the Director, Overseer and House Manager of the house in which their Mentee resides.