Sober Lotus is a 12-month recovery housing program designed to restore hope and empower women who have a desire to be freed from the throes of addiction and transition into healthy, sober lives in the community. Participants are encouraged to grow through deep accountability relationships, embracing a 12-step program and being taught the life skills needed to lead a productive, purposeful and addiction-free life.


My name is Lynne Carroll.  I am honored to be Sober Lotus’s new Program Director.  My steps in life have led me to Sober Lotus; my passion is to lead Sober Lotus and the women who enter its doors into a strong and healthy future.

I often tell people I have the 3 “P’s” of addiction and they often ask “what is that”.  I have a personal addiction past, I am a parent of adult children who struggle with addiction issues and I have worked professionally for many years with people who struggle with addiction issues.

Additionally, I am a licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor and Social Worker.  My knowledge and experience acquired gives me the ability to strengthen and assist others with overcoming their bondage of addiction.

I love God, people, enjoy animals, nature, gardening and a good book!

What an exciting adventure lies ahead!